"If you buy auto parts anywhere else, you are going to pay too much!"
Club rules
1.   Anyone can join Lawson's Club who is 18 years old or older.
2.   The membership entitles member to buy parts for cars and light trucks at our invoiced cost, plus transactional costs for the vehicles listed on the membership for one year.
3.   Member pays all shipping and handling costs.
4.   All purchases are monitored, and if a member purchases any part for a vehicle not listed on the membership, the membership will be cancelled and no refund will be given.
5.   User name, once established, may not be changed.
6.   A full refund will be given to any member who has not made a purchase within 30 days of joining upon request.
7.   Member must maintain membership. If member does not renew membership by due date, (date of sign-up), member can sign up on a "late renewal basis." When member renews on a late renewal basis, membership reverts back to original sign up date. If member does not renew within 90 days of membership due date, a $30.00 late sign-up fee shall be assessed. After a 90 day grace period, member must wait a full year from original renewal date to renew membership.
8.   Member may replace one vehicle per year in membership. You must choose which vehicle to delete, and once that vehicle is deleted, you may add one new vehicle.
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