"If you buy auto parts anywhere else, you are going to pay too much!"
Here's what some folks are saying about Lawson's Club.
"I maintain a 1996 BMW E36, a 1998 Volvo S70 and until recently a 1983 Mercedes W123. My experience as a Lawson' s Club member has been wonderful. The customer service is amazing. The parts availabilty is extensive. Delivery is prompt. Prices are really low! I have saved at least $375 on the parts I have bought just this year. I check prices carefully on the web and always save 25% to 50% over the next cheapest price through the club. I bought parts from Lawson before the club existed because of his honesty, knowledge and experience. I am very pleased to continue to buy parts as a Lawson's Club member."

Wake Forest

Scott just renewed for another year. "Thanks for your business and for your trust, Scott."
"Usually if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Not in this case! Lawson's Club has brought the Sam's Club concept to home auto mechanics - and bettered it. With a classic 25 year old Mercedes 300SD, this has been a huge help, accomplishing three times as much within a limited budget."

"Unbeatable prices and service! For the price I could get the parts for a bottom-end engine rebuild at an online competitor, I could get what I needed for the bottom-end engine rebuild and completely overhaul my front brakes!"

"I’ve been doing most all of my maintenance on my vehicles for over 30 years. I can tell you without hesitancy that Lawson’s Club is the real deal for buying replacement parts. This is not some ‘minor’ discount – but 25-50% off of the best prices you’ll find on other online sites. These are genuine and/or OEM quality parts… the same ones used by dealers and repair shops. And you are dealing with a certified parts professional – not someone who simply answers the phone. Buying parts at such a discount with Lawson’s Club allows me to keep my vehicles in top condition, while still saving a significant amount of money."

Wake Forest, NC
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